Nairobi Serena Hotel’s Café Maghreb increases its à la carte menu.

An inviting Moroccan theme featuring rustic patterns and a nostalgic ambiance awaits you at Cafe Maghreb Restaurant, located at the Nairobi Serena Hotel. This all-day café, valued for its wonderfully personalised service and tantalising themed buffets, is expanding their à la carte menu to give diners an even more mouth-watering reason to break away from the city’s bustle for a meal.

Diners can look forward to new Maghreb favourites, a wider range of appetizers and soups, more sumptuous delights straight from the grill, even more side dishes, vegetarian options and new additions to the Indian Corner. All steaks at the restaurant are aged between 10-14 days before cooking, enhancing the Nairobi Serena Hotel’s reputation for “the best beef in the city.” Also among other key highlights to this new menu is that guests now can order seafood any day of the week, compared to the previous “Seafood Friday” tradition.  All the seafood is fresh from the Kenyan coast so prepare for nothing but the best. For guests who are craving a healthier selection to choose from on their plates, Café Maghreb has introduced the Maisha Lifestyle Option including lactose free, gluten free, diabetic friendly dishes that still retain Café Maghreb’s signature world class taste.

“We decided to enhance what we had before to create an even more exciting dining experience for our guests,” says Executive Chef Getanda, who has over 8 years of industry experience and an equally dedicated culinary team backing him and this menu. A team effort led to the creation of the new introductions to this menu, as Nairobi Serena and Chef Getanda collectively believe in challenging, inspiring and uplifting upcoming chefs. From the moment you walk into the restaurants, the staff and the chefs make sure that your meal turns into a magical story.

These are just a few of the delectable meals waiting for your fork, knife, and eager palate at the illustrious Café Maghreb restaurant:

Coconut Mousse with Mango Puree

This wonderful, creamy, feel-good dessert is a must have if you need a reminder of what it feels like to have a melt-in-mouth taste extravaganza!

Lamb Tangine

This  flavour-filled, authentic Moroccan inspired by restaurant name, Café Maghreb, which literally translates to “land where the sun sets”. The dish is gently braised with Moroccan spices, prunes, apricots and toasted almonds. Paired with a glass of white wine, this dish will leave you pleasantly speechless.

Beef Rib eye 

If you are a lover of beef, you are in for a treat! This dish features prime highland Kenyan beef  aged for 21 days, grilled to your taste and served with tossed button mushrooms.

Biltong and Avocado salad

Originating from South Africa, Biltong is cured meat and it serves as a complimentary addition to this refreshingly tasty salad with rocket, assorted peppers, cherry tomato and avocado served with blue cheese.


Hungry yet? See you at Cafe Maghreb!

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