The Magical Kenya Travel Expo 2017…

Magical Kenya Travel Expo is one of the fastest growing tourism events on the continent and the leading travel trade fair in East Africa.

– Registration will be conducted online this Year, Don’t Miss Out!! –


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Join our #MKTE2017 conversation!

Magical Kenya Travel Expo is using social media to build a base from which to inspire and inform our exhibitors, buyers, sponsors and trade and it’s working really well so far. We need your help to make it work even better for the Expo.

Join the conversation online and add your content and your voice to the buzz.
Use the #MKTE2017 when you post your social media content in the next few weeks leading up to the expo and let everyone know why you will be attending the Expo this year, and what people should expect when they come to the trade fair.

Do you have any competitions or special events, or give-aways and offers that will be exclusively available at the largest travel trade fair in East Africa?
Remember to include you handles (for Facebook and Twitter), and keep the content inspirational and informative.

Check out what @MKTravelExpo and @MagicalKenya have been sharing, and comment or retweet these too, and remember to add your own content to the conversation to take full advantage of the social media buzz being created leading up to the Expo.

For more information, ideas and news, feel free to email us here:
We look forward to hearing more from you.


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