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The awe-inspiring Lord Erroll Gourmet Restaurant charmingly located in the upmarket suburbs of Runda in Nairobi was recently awarded one of the world’s top-most culinary accolades, the prestigious Luxury Travel Guide Award™ for ‘Kenya’s Best Fine Dining Restaurant of The Year 2017’ in the Africa & Middle East Awards Category. Set in timeless splendor surrounded by beautifully tended and immaculately manicured lush green lawns, the elegant Lord Erroll over the years has played host to a countless number of dignitaries, luminaries, socialites and leaders of the free world including the Queen of Norway, Barbara Bush, former President of South Africa Thabo Mbeki and former United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki Moon, and our very own President Uhuru Kenyatta and the First Lady Margaret Kenyatta just to name a few. What awaits is a truly mesmerizing Swiss-inspired gourmet cuisine experience, where outstanding culinary artistry, world-class hospitality & service, a captivating colonial history and enchanting indoor & outdoor vistas almost magically combine to form an alluring countryside dining escape like no other. Enjoy!


The Lord Erroll is one of Kenya’s most sought-after event venues, and with outstanding state-of-the-art indoor and outdoor facilities, from smaller intimate spaces to large expansive areas can virtually accommodate any type of meeting, conference, get-together or event type. These include; The Conservatory (Mahogany Floors, Gentle Lighting, Tranquil Surroundings, Large Fireplace, Private Veranda & Garden), The Claremont (Ideal for Larger Events – Traditional ‘Victorian’ Ballroom, Private Veranda, Private Garden) and Lord Erroll’s Expansive Gardens.

 <THE CLAREMONT>Lord Erroll Gourmet, Lord Erroll Gourmet Restaurant, Lord Erroll Runda, Lord Erroll Nairobi, Lord Erroll, Luxury Travel Guide Award™, Kenya’s Best Fine Dining Restaurant of The Year 2017, Meetings Lord Erroll, Conferencing Lord Erroll, Events Lord ErrollThe Claremont is 100 square meters and boasts a lovely fireplace. It consists of rich mahogany paneled interior reminiscent of a traditional Victorian “Club Room”. It takes up to 80 people at any given time. It’s carpeted floors make it the ideal venue for seminars, national days of different countries, art exhibiproduct launches and even private parties and dinners.The Claremont’s doors all open out to the vast Veranda and garden – both can be hired and used in conjunction.

<THE CONSERVATORY>The concept of the Conservatory is expressed perfectly in the colors and décor of the room. The mahogany floor, gentle light, and illustrations of birds, plants, and butterflies enhance the mood The room is 100 square meters and takes up to 80 people at any given time.Like the Claremont, it boasts a large fireplace and also opens out to the vast Veranda and garden. Depending on preference, it can also be used for seminars, product launches, and private parties or dinners.

<THE HIGHLANDER>The Highlander is adorned in traditional tartan carpeting, alluring dark woods & rich brasses to ambiance the ambiance of a refined ‘Fine English Bar’ from the late 1930’s, complete with cozy fireplace and photographic memorabilia depicting the history, charm and lavish lifestyle of the ‘Earl of Erroll’. A great venue for pre-lunch and pre-dinner aperitifs, or to simply indulge in a quiet and discreet drink or two with clients, friends, family and loved ones. Enjoy a wide ranging selection of fine wines, signature and classic cocktails and lots more…This ideal space can also be made available for smaller meetings & seminars.This space can also be made available for private corporate or social functions of up to 300 people.

<THE VERANDAH>Our renowned terrace which adjoins the Highlander Bar, the Conservatory, and the Claremont overlooks our delightful garden setting, complete with waterfalls, streams, and ponds. This lovely terrace is ideal for “al fresco” dining (lunch or dinner), morning coffee or afternoon tea and is also available for private functions. It can take up to 150 people, giving everyone a chance to sit outside on a beautiful day. It has become the ultimate dining venue with more people opting to sit and enjoy the outdoor dining. For cool evenings, it is equipped with patio heaters which keep everyone comfortable during the meal while overlooking the well-lit gardens.


Your wedding is one of the most special days of your life and so it’s only right that you want to make sure everything is as perfect as it can be. A crucial step in getting everything to come together once the big day finally arrives is, of course, choosing the ideal venue. And The ideal venue is The Lord Erroll, where we pledge to turn your moments with us into memories, ……happy memories that will last a lifetime.


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