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There is no doubt that fresh, innovative and healthy Japanese cuisine has taken pole position as one of the world’s newest and trendiest culinary frontiers within the last decade. Kenya’s vibrant dining scene has not been left behind, with its highly cosmopolitan, well-traveled and discerning community of diners continuing to inevitably ask, ‘where can I go for the best Japanese?’ In response to this growing trend, many restaurants have tried to almost inconspicuously add Japanese sections to their menus (most often just sushi & sashimi), not taking into consideration the years of knowledge, discipline and culinary skills required. As always the Go Places™ wine & dine teams went in search of the very best and came up trumps once again with the amazing Haru Sushi Bar & Japanese Restaurant. What awaits is an award winning, authentic and multi-sensory dining experience, which takes you on a culinary journey across the ‘land of the rising sun’, where outstanding culinary artistry, fresh tantalizing tastes & aromas, impeccable plating & presentation, and vibrant colors & textures all faultlessly combine to create something truly magical. Enjoy!


It was only a matter of time before Kenya’s avid dining circles and the region’s top-most culinary aficionados began to take notice. The restaurant quickly became known for its authenticity, its quality of cuisine, outstanding service and its impeccable plating and presentation. Since then the chef and his restaurant team have won several prestigious Chefs Delight™ Awards which are considered the most coveted awards in the history of Kenya’s culinary industry, as grading is solely based on what paying customers feel about the ‘quality of dining experience’ and ‘quality of service’ received. Awards include the Best Japanese Restaurant, the Best Individual Chef & Restaurant Team, the Most Innovative Chef (two awards chapters in a row) and the Best Sushi & Sashimi Restaurant. A true testament to his culinary genius, in 2015 Korean TV made a feature film about Chef Jongho Park‘s life history and his journey to the top, soon followed by Japan’s Rocket News 24 awarding him the Best Japanese Restaurant in Kenya and trip advisor awarding the restaurant the 2016 certificate of excellence.


Every dish at Haru Sushi Bar & Japanese Restaurant has its own signature twist, and each is expertly created and refined to simply leave you relishing for more. However here are some of the top-picks and must try’s as recommended by Chef Jongho Park; Prawn Tempura, Haru Moriawase, Haru Sushi/Sashimi Combination Sets, Haru Sushi/Sashimi Prime Sets, Spicy Crunchy Tuna Rolls, Crabstick Crazy Rolls, Octopus Sushi/Sashimi, Salmon Steak, and any Futo Maki, Hoso Maki, Te Maki, Udon/Soba, Donburi
or Teriyaki/Sizzling Dishes… Oh and don’t forget to finish your meal with our signature Miso Soup. Enjoy!

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